Metayliopisto proposes the 4th Wave for AI: Interactive Society with Invisible Heart

Pitch for the new AI Paradigm: “Houston, we have a problem…”

Both theoretical and practical skills of AI are rather limited, world wide, both in academy and in industry.  That is why applications are rather narrow, too technical.

Interactive society and invisible heart.
An open and social paradigm is needed for the base of the next generation AI.

We are proposing quite the different approach. AI should be a glue to connect different processes and dealers and providers and users in order to get markets and human needs to work better together. It means better networking and more open processes. It need a new kind of decision making system, how to match supply and demand. This meta-problem is quite well known, but it needs computer technology to gradually begin to implement it for the most relevant levels of society.


As benefits this new interactive AI model improves employment, communication at work, crowdsourcing, politics, economy by means of better information, technology because of improved knowledge etc.

Not to forget the Invisible Heart.

The video is 2 minutes:  The same as Powerpoint show here.

Let’s enjoy the happy tomorrow!



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