Metayliopisto: Purposeful System with a Rigorous Touch to Society

A brief presentation about the idea of Meta-university

  • It begins from the IT – innovation to express anything in a computer, extending to artificial intelligence and using that knowledge in optimizing factories, networks and value chains. That was Erkki Laitila’s playground from 1977 to 1999. It is named here Best practices.
  • The second phase means study of core computer science using grammars and symbols, which extends to a problem formulation methodology for software and ends to a need to encapsulate captured information as systems. It is named here Best ways to explain anything.
  • The third and the last section here is again practical: how to read a better world. We propose here large set of video demos as examples, cybernetics to plan viable (correct) systems, meta-working as a methodology for large audience to co-operate as well as cultural leadership as a discipline to solve most wicked problems with states, humans and organizations in order to read accordance in all disciplines.


What have we learnt?

Systems methodology brings us a vast set of conceptual models, systemic laws and principles to understand everything.

  • Viable system model (VSM) is one of the greatest innovations
  • Metayliopisto’s way to express societal phenomena and objects as systems makes it possible to understand and relate each society level as viable objects (or non-viable): to accept or not.
  • Barrett’s measure for cultural consciousness should be a great tool for every leader of every country to compete which of them is really the best in humanity (not only in circulating money)

Video (30 min) can be seen here: