Magic prefixes for Super Science; a Book explains

Flexible integration is a prerequisite for the integration of society

The term “super-science” has so far been used in informal expressions to emphasize the unifying importance of disciplines or advances to excellence. I got the idea to create a mission and vision for it from the theories and descriptions of cybernetics decades ago: “Cybernetics is the super science of interconnectedness”.

Visual systems science development. What is Super science?

In this book, Super Science is seen as a means of uniting disciplines in describing information, metadata, and metadata approaching truth and functionality.

Metadata, responsibly designed and analyzed, connects professions and processes as well as companies with their services, as well as with public sector. In the emerging perception, the state should take on the role of an active actor, rather than abandoning the guardian of a deteriorating structure. The Viable Model is almost the best ”super” that has ever been created for state-level development.

SuperScience is the 5th book in the Metayliopisto series (Finnish). The name of the series was originally Responsible Artificial Intelligence, now Responsible Intelligence. Collective intelligence is emphasized in the new name with the corona pheno-menon, as well as is the diversity of IT-specific model development in Prolog.

Eki Laitila has invested 10 years for refining the system methodology in order to make it practical and useful and attractive and universal.

Something magic is needed 🙂

The following aux words will help you to fulfill your superior expectations:

  • Super means “above” (Latin). In different languages, it means superior.
  • Meta means “behind”, “with”, “related” (Greece). A meta attachment indicates a concept that is an abstraction of another concept.
  • Cyber ​​means skillful guidance and administration (Greece). The cyber prefix usually emphasizes broad-based impact, networking, and artificial intelligence.
  • Holarchy means the connection between holons. Holon (vs. atom) is a hand-bond that is alternately a part and alternately a whole.
  • System means the connection between a part and a whole. Systee mythology (Grand Systems Theory) aims to explain the universe.
  • Symbol means a concept that represents another object so that there is only a contractual connection between them.