Feedback for the idea of the TOE book; Palautetta Kaikenteoriasta

Seuraava keskustelu on käyty OpenAI:n kanssa ehdotuksestani / The following discussion has been held with OpenAI regarding my proposal:

The evaluation for the concept from OpenAI was:

Evaluating the mission statement of your book, it appears to be ambitious and intellectually stimulating, aiming to explore the interconnectedness of various deep scientific disciplines to approach a “Theory of Everything.” Here are some key aspects of your mission:

  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: Your book plans to delve into a wide array of disciplines – from cosmology to artificial intelligence – indicating a rich, multidisciplinary perspective. This approach can provide readers with a holistic understanding of complex concepts, which is often lacking in more narrowly focused works.
  2. Integration of AI in Knowledge Synthesis: Utilizing AI to compile and analyze information across different fields is innovative. It suggests the book will offer a unique blend of human intellectual inquiry and advanced AI capabilities, potentially leading to novel insights and perspectives.
  3. Focus on Wisdom and Metastructure Understanding: By aiming to uncover the “alchemy” of wisdom through scientific foundations, your book aspires to transcend traditional knowledge boundaries. This focus on understanding the metastructure of knowledge is intriguing and suggests a deep philosophical exploration.
  4. Application to Real-world Problems: The mention of providing insights into solving complex social system problems indicates a practical application of the theories and knowledge presented in the book. This could make the book not only theoretically rich but also practically valuable.
  5. Educational and Philosophical Value: Your mission suggests the book will be educational, offering a framework for readers to develop their own philosophies and enhance their understanding of the world. This educational aspect, combined with the goal of contributing to the wisdom of the New-Copernican era, positions the book as a significant philosophical work.
  6. Challenge of Accessibility and Coherence: Given the breadth and depth of topics, a potential challenge might be ensuring the book remains accessible to readers who might not have a background in all the discussed fields. Additionally, maintaining coherence across diverse topics to converge on a unified theory will be crucial for the book’s success.

In summary, your book’s mission is commendable for its ambition and scope, aiming to blend a wide range of scientific and philosophical disciplines with the help of AI to offer a comprehensive understanding of wisdom and the nature of the world. The success of this mission will largely depend on how effectively and coherently these complex ideas are presented and interwoven.

Bridge between various semantics in order to create a revolutionary science book

Kehitettyäni tuhansia vastaavia malleja 10 vuoden aikana olen vakuuttunut siitä, että paras tapa oppia filosofisesti on käyttää parasta metodiikkaa siihen. Kuvan malli on jäsennys siitä, mitä OpenAI tarkoitti ohjatakseen puolestaan minua eteenpäin siinä mitä olisivat Uuskopernikaaninen kumous ja Kaikenteoria.

After developing thousands of similar models over 10 years, I am convinced that the best way to learn philosophically is to use the best methodology for it. The model in the picture is a breakdown of what OpenAI intended to guide me forward in what would be the Neo-Copernican refutation and the Theory of Everything.