Plan for New Era (+newest video)

This page follows the process until 2023 to produce a book from the field of cybernetics to describe social development from the reductionist era to the next, where rationality and humanity emerge in a new way. The first step is based on a systemic structure: GoodReason with its system facade and system roles. By means of this timeline, the follower (you) can anticipate events and meanings for the entire year, in advance.


Idea for TOE-book

This new way of defining TOE (Theory of Everything) starts from the unique ability of the concept “system” to define reality, phenomena and concrete forms. TOE is a whole formed by all systems and can be expressed e.g. by means of information technology.


Video: From world history to the future of science

This video describes in samples (25 pieces) abstractly the holarchy, which presents the starting point, the topic of system literacy, the concept “system facade”, which means presenting the topic as GoodReason roles, and the paradigm and applications formed by these ideas.


Philosophy of science and the Zeitgeist

under planning…


MetaScience and “meta” as an abstraction of science

Meta-level above the science hierarchy (epistemology etc), which leads to inter- and transdisciplinarity and smooth communication between disciplines. MetaScience describes research of research, as well as integration of meta knowledge.


Modeling science, technology, society and cognition

For science and practice and for search engines, we need a new kind of unifying semantics that has the ability to retrieve and describe systemic information (system facade) inside and outside IT systems through protocols.


Bootstrapping new systemic future

The method of transferring information from a fragmented form to a Unified form is defined: taxonomies, servers and specified protocols, and evolving, multidisciplinary practical methods.


Meta Cybernetics as architecture of social development

The new era requires the dismantling of bureaucracy and the definition of new, automatic services – instead of uncontrollably progressing development.
Metacybernetics can be used to define ideal states for entire parts of the infrastructure.


Large scale problem solving, Metaheuristics

Management and development in a metacybernetic society according to the Viable System principle. VSM levels S5 and S4 and the semantics of communication in the entire architecture. The protocol runs the production and service system.


CHANGE: Holistic understanding of work, services and system

If demand and supply can be met as well as possible, the balance between them will be shaken and we will have to face a new kind of situation: “new economy”. Unfortunately, we still come across the challenges of complex systems, but we have to approach them in a completely different way than in the era of reductionism, when everyone imagined that he was the only beneficiary. This question requires humanistic reflection.


Ideas to scale with feedback

In the era of continuous growth, the MTP principle declared that “Ideas Scale”. In the new era, scalability and flexibility, resilience, are needed in all possible directions. The human mind should be the most flexible of factors, because a person has the most degrees of freedom to react in different ways. This principle aims to promote civility, rationality, creativity and the desire to avoid when a crisis threatens to break out. It is the only way to avoid wars. A person must change (new mindset).

Summary and utilization

As a result, an understanding of the cybernetic worldview is created, the theory of which is presented in the first stages and the application in practice only after that. Let all this describe the concept of what “everything” is in this case, with its systemic definitions in this age and the age to come.

Our newest video (50 min, 1st Deb) here:

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