It is typical for mankind to fail…

The world is living the 6th wave of Kondratieff cycles. It means several kinds of crisis and ensure time for people.

Nowadays best value of knowledge and wisdom has been forgotten.  It causes problems everywhere: selfishness in politics, inparity of economy, climate crisis, new risks of technology, challenges of globalization and mistrust between society levels.

A cognitive, systemic approach for mastering chaos and complexity

Metayliopisto provides as a solution a transdisciplinary, systemic method for enabling analysis and synthesis, and even planning future scenarios of any scope of reality. This opens a free access for the audience to management of change, for developing business and IT systems and organizations as well as new kind of working environments – with systemic wisdom.

Our values and main methods are: seeking truth, deliberate reasoning, systemic approach, viable system model and high level of consciousness.